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Tech Giants, Race for #1

                                                 Technology Giants- Microsoft, Apple Inc., Google, Samsung, Nokia  have locked horns to fetch the number one spot form one another. Every brand has its speciality & flaws. No one has got that spot.

Innovation in the technology has made them visionary & as well vulnerable.

For sure Microsoft doesn’t sit & watch the war of these Giants & at last planned to try hands on the new Mad-O-Mania Tablets Era. The ‘Surface‘ has finally got the nerves of the existing giants & alarmed that the world’s most OS selling company will not be afraid to involve & make a mark in this & after now era. This revelation of ‘SURFACE‘ has finally made Apple to rethink & strategize to keep its hold on the US market.

Microsoft, Google, Samsung are giving a stiff competition to the innovative Apple Inc., Google got Facebook in terms of Social-Networking. And rest of all everybody has got their hands on NOKIA to drag it from the #1 spot which it was leading since 1990. The first to give Nokia a run for their money & stronghold is Samsung. Rest follows the Apple, HTC,Sony. Whether it’s a Smartphone or a Tablet or even an Application market/store, these firms are not taking a chance to jeopardise their market share & customers.

NOKIA was once the KING of ASIA & EUROPE markets for a long lasted period & now like a struggling PAWN!. Launching of Nokia LUMIA smartphones was the stick for Nokia to stand firm in the technological ground & expectations were never than before High, but what i have seen is may be their struggling continues as a competition to Samsung & Apple is way above its marks.

Tablets, Pads are now another technology war ammunitions. For smartphones, Microsoft has tied up with Nokia but as far as Tabs, Microsoft has found ‘SURFACE’ to be its 1st actual tablet or i can say “a 1st actual own software based own hardware”. Personally i have seen IPAD 3 as the best we have in the market- the touch sensitivity, the apps, the battery backup & much more. As a big fan of Microsoft, i never thought Microsoft will jump into Tablets instead thought that it will play the cards via Nokia but until now. Microsoft’s SURFACE has got all the answers & cautioned Apple to be ready for another Jabroni Beating. I hope Microsoft’s Surface will do the thing to Apple’s IPAD what Samsung smartphones have done to Nokia.

Samsung on the other hand has bravely launched one after another failure tablets. Although, it manages to sweep Nokia off the top by its Galaxy Smartphones & able to snatch & convert customer’s minds to switch from Nokia to Samsung. But for Tabs, the head-to-head to Apple’s IPAD has resulted in a complete blow out.

Google has got its pocket full of ideas,technologies,resources & is feeling a stiff phase ahead in every aspect of technology-whether tabs,smartphones,OS,search engine, social networks. Android is the best thing happened to Google in software industries & has able to pinch after pinch Apple’s IOS. Lets see what Microsoft holds in Windows 8. Will Windows 8 survive the IOS & Android scare?

But I know 1 thing for sure- These WARs will never end. Everyone has to got Everyone to become the “ONE”.

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